Many developmentally disabled adults are unable to find work, and they often have trouble getting the help they need to develop the necessary skills. Vocational rehabilitation can change all of this for them! These services provide developmentally disabled adults with the skills needed to succeed in employment settings while also providing an outlet for their energy and creativity. Our program, Team Works, focuses on supporting vocation rehabilitation eligible individuals with obtaining and keeping employment in the greater Omaha area!

What is Team Works

We provide the needed supports for individuals to prepare for, find, apply to, and keep competitive employment opportunities that fit within their lifestyle. Our personalized approach to customized employment helps place skilled individuals in the workforce. We also offer area businesses guidance on recruiting, training and retaining employees with support needs.

This is a program for high schools students age 16-21, meets during the school day. At Team Works, we work on a variety of skill sets to help us reach the ultimate goal of obtaining part-time or even full-time employment for the individuals in our program.

Soft Skills

At Team Works, we focus on increasing soft skills needed to succeed in the working world. We have developed curriculum dedicated to social development focused on communication, both verbal and non-verbal. These skills can include making eye contact, using teamwork to reach goals or even smiling.

Hard Skills

In addition to working on soft skills, we also work with developmentally disabled individuals to gain hard skills needed for employment. This includes making monetary change, operating simple machinery like a coffee maker, or opening doors for customers. We also focus on processes, cleaning, and everyday tasks that arise in a customer-centric environment.

The Outcome is Awesome!

At the end of their time with us, we’ll have a resume built for them, we will have conducted several mock interviews, and maybe even have employment lined up. They will leave us with the skills needed to find and keep a fulfilling job that they can succeed at. By understanding their personality, skills, and goals, we can help facilitate a great job match.

The confidence that these individuals get from their hard work is simply inspiring. They can prove to themselves and those around them that with dedication and support they can achieve their goals and that paycheck doesn’t hurt! You should see the looks on their faces. It’s just as fulfilling for the program leaders as it is for these individuals.

If you’re interested in Team Works, please watch this short video and get in touch with us! We’d love to work with you as an employer, caregiver, or individual in need of vocational rehab assistance.

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