If you’re a supporter of AGI and a patron of Hand Me-Ups, then this is no news to you, but Hand Me-Ups is now officially considered one of Omaha’s Best thrift stores! How great is that?! First off, thank you to each and every one of you who voted for our Hand Me-Ups. You’ve helped extend our reach. Now that Omahans know that we have a preferred thrift store, we can attract new customers.

Why is this award so important to us?

Angel Guardians, Inc. operates the Hand Me-Ups Thrift and Used Furniture Stores. Two unique retail outlets that help to underwrite the needs of our Team Works and VSP Club. This support from our stores is vital to the success of our organization as a whole. Hand Me-Ups’ success is our success. It helps our programs grow and reach the people who need our services. 

Would you like to help us further?

There are several ways you can support Hand Me-Ups and in turn, help the people who depend on Angel Guardians Inc. Here’s what you can do to help…

-Like/follow us on our social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

-Leave us a review on Facebook.

-Shop at one of our stores.

-Make a financial donation.

-Donate goods to be sold in one of our stores

-Volunteer at one of our stores.

Want to know more about Hand Me-Ups? Watch this short video.

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