Google is making an effort to hire more employees with autism, and it’s not just because they are a good company. There are many benefits to hiring people on the spectrum. Of course, there are also challenges that come along with this type of hire as well. But overall, Google believes in the idea of “diversity” and wants to create a truly inclusive workplace for all types of individuals.

Google has teamed up with experts from the Stanford Neurodiversity Project — part of the university’s medical school to train around 500 managers and other leaders in the hiring process on how to work most effectively with autistic candidates. And this training won’t end with the hiring process, Stanford will offer continued support and coaching to leadership and employees.

The interview process has been thoughtfully tailored to those who are part of the Autism Career Program. A couple of these changes that Google has revealed include allowing candidates with autism to receive additional interview time and they will be offered the interview questions beforehand or even be able to carry out the interview in writing.

According to Rob Enslin, president of global customer operations for Google Cloud, “These accommodations don’t give those candidates an unfair advantage. It’s just the opposite: They remove an unfair disadvantage so candidates have a fair and equitable chance to compete for the job.”

Enslin went on to quote a statistic stating that only 29% of those with autism have paid employment. He called this harsh reality “tragic”. Enslin believes this can be attributed to unconscious bias in many cases.

We say “Brava” to Google for this initiative. These marginalized candidates will now have the chance to be part of an inclusive, more representative team. This is a step in the right direction for great companies to hire great talent that can contribute and enrich the workplace.

Do you know a person with developmental disabilities who would love a chance at gainful employment? Or a business owner who wants to create a more inclusive work environment? We offer services that can make that happen! 

Our Team Works department provides the needed support for individuals to prepare for, find, apply to, and keep competitive employment opportunities that fit within their lifestyle. Our personalized approach to customized employment helps place skilled individuals in the workforce.

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