Angel Guardians’ ArtWorks program is partnering with Benson First Friday, Valiant Studios and Citylight Arts Project to feature pieces from 13 resident AGI artists.

We believe that creative engagement fosters skills beyond a steady hand and brush stroke. Creativity in any form builds relationships, creates a space for cultural & personal expression and allows individuals with an intellectual developmental disorder (IDD) to find a source of autonomy, control and self-determination. 

We know the arts have power and these programs promote the development of a healthy, vibrant community within Omaha and outside of our beloved city. Angel Guardians’ Program Director, Krista Riley, asks you to “Support local arts! When others participate in the Benson First Friday art walk (BFF), they are not only supporting their communities and the arts, but the integration of people of all abilities within their community.”

Where? When?

BFF is held on the first Friday of every month in the Benson neighborhood of North Omaha. The next walk takes place on March 6th, 2020. Galleries open at 7:00pm across the area and the festivities continue until 10:00pm. 

You can find our ArtWorks crew displaying their pieces in the Citylight Arts Project building on 5603 NW Radial Highway. Over the past few years, the Benson area has become a go-to spot for young adults, but there is a lack of affordable studio space. In response, The Citylight Church set out in 2015 to resurrect an old building to create a space for artists and the community to hold events, programs and much more.

Our Artworks crew will be showing their pieces alongside Valiant Studios artists. Valiant Studios is an art and performance center in Omaha providing support and creative opportunities to individuals experiencing developmental disabilities.

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