Have you heard of ArtWorks? At Angel Guardians, we believe that we can foster inclusivity by providing a creative program to our community. So that’s exactly what we did. We made ArtWorks to build relationships and help individuals to express themselves. Through participation with the local community, our team of artists is able to exchange ideas, skills, and cultural expression, resulting in the development of a healthy and vibrant community!

We are also dedicated to promoting the work of artists with and without disabilities. We do this through an inclusive platform where any artist can earn a 60% commission on the sale of their art pieces. For exposure, ArtWorks resident artists are provided with opportunities to showcase artwork at local galleries, community exhibitions, and through sales to private collections.

Below we wanted to showcase some of the great work that comes from our awesome artists. 

Meet Sherri! 👋🏻 Sherri Collins is an artist who lives in Omaha, Nebraska. Sherri works and creates at the ArtWorks studio. She has had her work displayed in the ArtWorks lobby, Sozo Coffeehouse, and many Benson First Friday events. Sherri aspires to create more paintings featuring dogs and cats, along with other animals

Meet Trey! 🎉 He is a resident artist at Angel Guardians’ ArtWorks studio. Trey enjoys living in Nebraska and is very involved in local politics. He also enjoys sci-fi and music. You will often see his work featuring aliens or spaceships.

Meet Abigail! 💫 Abigail is a resident artist at Angel Guardians’ ArtWorks studio. Abigail’s choice of subjects often displays the delicate and beautiful aspects of life such as family, floral scenes, or animals enjoying the tranquility of their peaceful environments. 

Meet Kimberly! 🌸 Kimberly Divett is an artist in Omaha, Nebraska who recently joined Angel Guardians at the ArtWorks studio. Kimberly is advanced in the art of looming and creates hats and scarves of all colors.

Meet Mathew! 🙌🏻 Matthew is an artist that lives in Omaha, Nebraska who currently produces art at the ArtWorks studio in West Omaha. Matthew has worked on a series of abstract paintings along with occasional collaboration paintings with Stephen Kavanaugh. He has participated in the creation of three murals at the Angel Guardians center.

Like what you see? Feel free to check out their full portfolios here. The ArtWorks gallery is open to the public. Our hours are Monday – Friday 9am-3pm, stop by and visit us today!

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