About Us

We pride ourselves on providing services that nurture an environment for people of all abilities to continually enhance their life skills, self-sufficiency and self esteem.


Angel Guardians Inc. received its 501 ( c ) 3 designation in 2004. Since then our goal has been to support, engage and promote innovative activities to people of all abilities.

In 2005 the VSP or the “Very Special People” Club was opened to promote recreation, social and educational activities in a safe and secure environment. The VSP has hosted over 1,100 events since its opening.

A few years later we introduced the Hand Me Ups Thrift Store to help support our mission. The profits from these stores continue to help underwrite our programs. Currently there are three Hand Me Up locations in the Omaha area.

Angel Guardians Career Center is proud to offer a variety of self chosen and self directed services. We believe that individuals who experience intellectual/developmental disabilities are valuable assets to our community. Each individual deserves a wide selection of options that allow them to use their talents in a fun and supportive atmosphere. AngelWorks is an innovative program striving to make an IMPACT in our community !

Jim Burns

Executive Director

“As a native Omaha resident and a parent of an adult with Down Syndrome I believe that individuals should have choice in where they work and live. Each day I arrive onsite to help promote and inspire an environment free from stigmas and discrimination where people of all abilities thrive in their community.”


15677 Spaulding St. Omaha NE, 68116